Day 14: Vuelta Grande

Written by Josh Sylvia

The day of chichicastenago was an unusual place filled with unusual people. Walking down the streets were the stores and in front of the stores was a market filled with many various items, from jewelry and clothing to tools and food.  There were no set prices on any of these items. You can drive the hardest bargain or just walk away.

We all seemed to separate in our little smaller groups and the king of our group was definitely Pablo, also known as the ChiChi swindler. Pablo was throwing every might he could to knock the price down, sometimes even half of the asking price. He would mention things like we are volunteers and bringing potable water to the village of Vuelta Grande, can you do a better price. Some other things we would say, was he seen it cheaper down the street.

As for myself, I know that I will always be that middle person between staff and students. The one that will always help keep us safe, the one to fill us up with inspiration and motivation. I put my heart into this project and I know all of us did as well. We built a water system, we built a community, and we built a family amongst ourselves.

We have the greatest team in the world and I wouldn’t trade it for anybody. We knew what we needed to do to complete our tasks and we put our heart into completing our tasks. When a member was down and out, we felt their pain and tried out best to comfort them. We ate as group, walked in the streets as group, and had fun as a group. And life should be about fun and games, until fun and games take over our lives.

Bad decisions can make great stories, but we have to be careful that one decision could ruin the rest of our lives. I personally have seen a lot of tragedy in my life and families broken from bad choices and I would not want to wish that upon us. I would personally like to see us come together many years down the road without a doubt of regret. Certain external forces can either unite us, or divide us. And I hope that our close encounters will unite us and make us stronger. The stronger we are, the more solid our foundation to grow.


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