Day 13: Chicicastenango

Written By Jose Flores

Waking up with a massive headache made it feel like my day was going to be ruined, and being 6:40 in the morning did not make me feel any better.So I started packing up my bags because in a few hours we were going to be leaving on our voyage to Lake Atlitlan and Chichicastenago. During the bus ride I was nodding in and out of conciousness, when I hear laughter erupt through out the whole bus. I look around and witness the importance of safety in Guatemala. There was a guy on the back of a truck standing on propane tanks with a downward facing shotgun around his shoulder. This is something you never see back in the states. Another peculiar thing that you don’t see that often was the co-ed bathrooms that we had to pay 2 quetzales for, or the dead squirrels they were selling as souveniers. Driving through the mouintains down to lake atlitlan we had a beautiful view of the place, we also saw a beautiful waterfall that ran all the way down to the lake. Once there we had 15 minutes to explore the stans by the lake, while Emmanuel searched for a spot were we could eat. However, the only thing Erik and I were intrested in was finding a stan that sold fresh coconuts so we searched around for a bit untill we finally found it. We headed back to the meet up spot but we only saw mama kelly, she gave us a scolding for not being back on time. Once at the restaurant I was a little sketched out to eat there. It did not look like a sanitary place, but I was hungry so I took the gamble and so far so good. While waiting for our food I was craving the coconut meat so I was trying to improvise a way to crack into it but everything failed, even when Brandon tried to pull it apart the cocunut drew blood and that is when we knew the coconut had won the battle. After the sketchy lunch we loaded the boat and headed to Sanata Catarina. Here I bought some fireworks for 1 quetzal and handed them to some local kids that were already setting off firework. After about 15 minutes we loaded the bus back up and headed to San Antonio. Once there our first stop was at the Pottery Place, were we saw parts of the process of how they made there plates, cups, pots, etc. The pottery was lead free so I bought to owls and a cup for tea. The whole time here we were getting bombarded by vendors trying to sell us things. After this we headed back to the boat because we were going to be driving to chichicastenango. When driving through chicicastenango the town didn’t seem very welcoming to tourist. The vibe it was giving of wasn’t very comforting it made me feel like I rather be back in Antigua. So we arrive at the hotel which was better maintained than la quinta. So then again we embark in a journey to see where we will be eating, and again we arrive at a what seems like a sketchy restaurant. But the hunger is real so I end up ordering breaded chiken. And once again Jose is 2-0 against diarrhea.

Now in our hotel safe and sound we are awaiting the next day so we can start our next adventure.


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