Day 8: Vuelta Grande/Antigua

Written by: Nathan Wahler

The day started as it usually does, at 8:30, but this time we had the pleasant anticipation of finishing the project. We left promptly, stopping first at the hardware store for (hopefully) the last time. At the work site B-team finished off the ditches, A-team got the new tanks put together, Brandon got the last of the pipes glued, David and I got the tanks clean as the day they were built. The first feeling of accomplishment came when the A-team finished the three tank system. We all gathered around with smiles and excitement as they opened the gate valve to let the water flow. As soon as that was confirmed working, I ran back up to finish the tanks I was in charge of. After spending almost every work day trying to remove the dirt from the tanks we were finaly coming to a point we could consider it good enough. We spent the previous days siphoning the water out and were to the point where all that was left was the muddy streaks that the brooms had left behind. To take care of the streaks we had to scavenge for some kind of mop. After no mop was found we reverted to using two old t-shirts and did the moping on our hands and knees. The shirts worked and the tanks were clean. Brandon got the water turned on and we called it done. After work we played soccer with the local kids well we waited for the bus, (which was over an hour late). The game was great though, we were finally getting good, scoringing the last 3 points of the game, and ending with 8-15 (far more pleasing then the 1-10 game the day before).


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