Day 7: Vuelta Grande/Antigua

Written by: Eric Wells

Today we met at 8:30 for a full workday at Vuelta Grande. We stopped at the store to pick up the remaining supplied needed, then we headed over to the school. The project is coming to a close and we only have one planned workday after this to finish our remaining projects at the school. At the start of the day all the trenches were mostly finished. With a little more digging, we were ready to glue the pipes and backfill the trenches. Midday we had lunch and afterwards we played a game of soccer with some of the local kids. We lost. 10 – 1. at the end of the day only a few more tasks remained and we headed back around 5. We had dinner with the homestay families and then we all met up as a group celebrate a hard days work. We launched one firework leftover from new years, then the majority of us headed to los palmas, and then went home to rest before our next and last day of work.


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