Day 6: Vuelta Grande/Antigua

Written by: David Vaiz

Today marked our fourth work day at Vuelta Grande. All the projects are starting to come together. The digging and excavating is about done and we’re laying the pipes in the trenches. The three 660 gallon tanks we bought for the village are all set, pipes attached and ready to be filled with water. Connected to these tanks are spring boxes that are just about cleaned out. We draining the old, dirty water and shoveling out settled sediment at the bottom of the tanks (spring boxes are big concrete tanks that can store water and filter sediment by drawing water from a couple inches above the bottom of the tank).

After a long work day, we took our beautiful bus drive home to Antigua, overlooking Volcan de Agua–topped with a white cloud cap. All showered up and ready to relax, we made our way to Evan’s host home where we all ate dinner together. We ate “enchiladas,” which is the Guatemalan way of saying what Mexicans call “tostadas”. We had plantains and habiscus juice as well; it was all muy delicioso!

The night ended quietly as we all walked to our homes to catch up on some much needed rest.


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