Day 5: Vuelta Grande/ San Antonio

Written by: Thomas Martinez

Captain’s Log, star date…1/3/2015, The day started off a hot cup of tea. We we’re all a little groggy and sore from a hard days work yesterday. We arrived at the work site, the children of Vulete Grande were awaiting our arrival. They like to call me…Batman, I have now achieved a lifetime goal. We had been awaiting for the arrival of the 3 water tanks to be placed down on our freshly finished graded soil foundation. When the tanks arrived, it was like the videogame “Picman” as Karl stated, “It looks like the 5 block!” The tanks looked beautiful, the two days of hard work all summed up to that moment. I took a step back and admired our hard work. We only worked a half day today, we had a special occasion that we had to attend to …my wedding. We visited a Mayan community and the Mayan women showed us how a traditional Myan wedding goes. All of them were below 5 feet tall, they made me feel tall. Traditionally, Woman drape a piece of cloth called a sute over their shoulder. This shows the men that they are single. The men try to grab the sute off of the woman’s shoulder. If she likes him, she’ll let him have it. If she doesn’t like the man, she can try to rip the sute out of his hands and throw dirt in his face. They wanted to demonstrate the entire wedding process, so Mel and I volunteered to be the star crossed lovers. She gave me her sute without a fight. It was meant to be. My parents (Kalika and Jose) were thrilled to hear that I was getting married. It was a beautiful ceremony, but Mamá Kalika was wanting 12 grandkids, this was too much for the wife so right after the ceremony and dancing she divorced me. It was the happiest and saddest day in my life. After the ceremony, we made corn tortillas. My last tortilla was so badly formed, one of the women laughed, pointed at me and asked, “Do you like to dance? Because that looks like a shoe!” My tortilla might have not been pretty but it was delicious! We had the freshly made tortillas with pepian (a traditional Myan dish) with tè de canela. A sweet tea with cinnamon in it. Satisfied and full we returned to the bus to go back to our home stays to relax for the night and prepare for another day of hard work… End Log


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