Day 3: Vuelta Grande – Our First Day of Work

Written by: Nicholas Greene

After a very fun and completely unique New Years experience, we all woke up and climbed aboard the bus, eagar to start the project we had been planning for so long. Upon arrival, we all split into our groups and layed out plans, then got to work. As to be expected, no project can go perfectly as planned, but fortunately, the setbacks we encountered were relatively minor. It was amazing to see people walking by smiling and waving at us with excitement, and some kids and young audults that last years group met came over eagar to help. I still cannot get over how beautiful the area is that we are able to work in, and the work group that I was with with made several pauses to take in the scenery and surrounding wildlife. After a successful project start, we all went back to our house to freshen up, and then met for dinner at a restaurante called Fridas. The food there was great, and after a hard day’s work, it was great to be able to have everyone in the same place, and to share stories together. Every day I find myself enjoying my experience even more.


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