Day 1: Antigua

written by: Shae Connor

We have arrived in Antigua! After many hours of sleepless travel we were very warmly welcomed by our hosts at La Quinta Hostel. After a whole semester of anticipation and planning it feels great to finally be here. After getting through customs we were reunited with Kalika and we met Erbin, Carlos and Edgar from La Union language school here in Antigua.

The bus ride from the airport to Antigua was one was of the highlights of the trip so far. Driving through Guatemala City it was interesting to see familiar things like fast food restaurants and gas stations, and new things like men armed with guns and old buses painted decoratively called “Chicken Buses.”

Later on, we got a chance to meet to Juan Carlos at La Union. We learned more about Antigua and what to expect on our journey. The school there was beautiful and I can’t wait to spend more time with the people here.

Today is the first night we get to spend with our host families! Now, off to our first visit to Vuelta Grande, where we will be working on the water systems for the rest of the week. Later, we plan to meet on the rooftop of La Quinta to watch New Year’s Eve fireworks.

Happy New Year from Guatemala!


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